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Captive Agent Inquiries
Providing Insurance To Referral Client

Captive Agent Inquiries

Thum Insurance Agency was founded in 1990 to offer captive agents a referral source for personal and business lines in all states. We can assist you by being a trusted source for the insurance needs of your customers that you cannot place with your carrier.

Thum can help you open the door to more business. We do our utmost to provide the hard-to-place policy your customer requires, allowing you to develop or maintain the balance of the client’s insurance portfolio.

Thum does not cross sell other products to your client. This maintains the relationship you have built with your customer.  All the insurance carriers we utilize have an A.M. Best rating of “A” or higher.

Thum Insurance Agency, LLC Procedures

Providing Insurance To Referral Client: Choose an option below:

1.     Email or call 1-800-866-0777 with your quote request.  The following information will be required at that time: client name, client contact phone number and required insurance product.  Thum will contact the client directly, develop the premium indication and issue the insurance policy.

2.  Provide your client with a Thum business card and stamp your agency information on the back of the card so Thum can log the referral correctly.  You can also order Thum notepads and stamp your agency information on the sheet before handing to your client.  The client will then contact our office and Thum will develop the premium indication and issue the insurance policy.

For more information please contact our office at 1.800.866.0777 or Email:

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