Independent Agent

Independent Agent Inquiries
Obtaining a Quotation
Binding Insurance Coverage

Independent Agent Inquiries

Thank you for your interest in our personal and commercial insurance products. We have a variety of coverage’s and programs available to your clients.

  • Coverage available for RVs of all values, even coaches over $1 million
  • Full Timer coverage available for customers living in their RV
  • Business owned / commercial use RV coverage
  • No age limits on manufactured home insurance
  • Coverage for vacant dwellings, seasonal dwellings, and rental dwellings
  • Stationary and park model trailers
  • Non-standard commercial risks
  • High risk automobile insurance

Thum Insurance Agency, LLC Procedures

Obtaining a quotation
1. Please use the appropriate worksheet as a tool to gather information for the quote before you contact our office. Include your agency name, contact person, phone and fax numbers.
Remember to obtain the customer’s driving record for the prior 3 years.

2. Please fax the worksheet to 1-616-957-1204, email to or call us at 1- 800- 866-0777 to speak with any of our representatives directly for a quote. Please identify yourself and give us your phone number so that we are able to keep track of the quotes that are processed and the policies that are started. The insurance proposal will then be faxed/emailed directly to you.

Binding insurance coverage
1. Call, fax or email Thum Insurance with any additional information so that we are able to prepare the application. A completed application will be faxed or emailed to your office along with any supplemental forms that will need to be completed or signed.

If you find an error or need to change anything, please contact our office. Altered applications are VOID!

2. You are responsible for obtaining the customer’s signature on the application and any supplemental forms sent with the application. You are also responsible to collect the down payment, including any fees.
NOTE: We do not accept premium finance checks. Payments must be made by agency check, insured’s check, money order, MasterCard or Visa.

3. The signed application and any necessary additional information must be received in our office by the effective date. The policy will be mailed directly to the customer from the insurance company. All installment and renewal billings will be mailed direct to the customer.

For more information please contact our office at 1.800.866.0777 or Email: